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You Make Me Sick Hankies--a full set for a discount

We are coming into cold and flu season so thought we needed to offer a 20% discount on a full set of our "You Make Me Sick" handkerchiefs, already applied to the listing so all you need to do is order them.  Now you'll be prepared when your co-workers or family members try and get you sick. Just give them one of these to catch their germs in instead of spreading them all over you. Need a set of one or two particular germs/organisms? Just shoot us a convo on Etsy or an email: urbanbirdandco (at) gmail (dot) com and we can create a custom listing for you with the same discount. xo

You Make Me Sick Hankies

Friday Faves: Little Love Notes

Mike and I really like to give each other little handmade tokens, or little expressions of love and surround ourselves with these things in our home. That's why much of what we make and the products we will be launching in the next few months are often things we would give to one another. We like to continually remind one another how much the other means to us in fun and creative ways. Here are some of our favorite little "love notes" and expressions of affection by other artists on etsy:

My Life Would Suck Without You print by letter happy on Etsy

LETTERPRESS PRINT - Every day I love you by the big harumph on Etsy

You Me and the Dog Typography Print by Ashleyg on Etsy

You Are All I Need Print by roll and tumble press on Etsy

Love Letters - Burlap Pillow Custom Monogram Pillow by next door to heaven on Etsy

Acorn Charm in Pool Blue by Somethings Hiding In Here on Etsy

Funny Love Card - Back Alley Hooker by Sweet Perversion on Etsy

We particularly love our little expressions of love to have a sense of humor and often give each other things that are a little unconventional. Some make fun of one another, some are a little weird, some refer to an inside joke we have with each other, but all make us smile and remind us how much we mean to one another. Happy Friday every one.

xo courtney

What I'm going to miss about summer....

I'm not by any means a summer person. I like certain aspects but really hate the heat, even here in Colorado it gets a bit too warm for me. Having grown up the first half of my life in Alaska where the hottest I ever saw was maybe 85 degrees for a couple days, I'm not the biggest fan of summer. However, the great thing about summer is it always makes me appreciate the Fall, Winter and Spring.

Here are a few things I will miss over the next 9 months:

Fresh peas from our garden

Fresh tomatoes from our garden.

A warm morning bike ride.

The flowers in our yard. There were a lot this year.

Seeing this sweet little dude splashing away in his crab swimming pool.

But, I am ready to move on to fall and today goes a long way to getting there. It's a beautiful 70 degrees with clouds and drizzle. It's a great day for a bowl of chili and cornbread.

xo courtney

Sneak Peek: a little something new, block printing


New Lino block I'm working on. I really love how meditative carving linoleum is.  I can just kind of get lost in my thoughts, something I can't do with screen printing. Screen printing is kind of like trying to toast bread in the broiler, you better not take your eyes off of it for two seconds or it will be black the second you do. Anyway, this is just a little sneak peek for you to show you what's coming up!





Our Family Portrait in Shadows

I snapped this photo of the three of us quickly while waiting in line at Chipotle. I love Van's little ears sticking out. My hair is a massive mess though. Happy Monday everyone. xo
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