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What you can do with a power washer...

Mike recently bought a new power washer so he had to break it out and play with it. The concrete around our house has never been so clean. But this is definitely one of the cutest things he did with the power washer.


Spring Fever and a Weekend Recap

Every Spring we start itching to redo the house in some way. It usually involves adding to our backyard, planting our vegetable garden, and adding some flowers or bushes. We tend to focus on our backyard because it's where we spend the most time and we're almost never in the front yard except on our way out. However, with the exception of a few heroic tulips popping out of the rocks each year, we started noticing a general "blah-ness" about our house and decided we needed to do make some serious changes. So after a couple weekends of landscape planning we finally got to work:

See how BLAH it all is? Gray house, gray rock, unstained deck (the guy who built the deck was just trying to sell the house, and didn't take the time to stain). 

Mike staining the lattice he put up after digging out the rocks. More lattice is going up, and a retaining wall is going in front of it for little evergreen arborvitae. 

The intrepid little tulips growing out of the rock. These will be either worked around or transplanted.

 Lots more work to be done! We will keep posting updates as we finish! 








Market Totes for Spring!

New for Spring! Canvas market totes! Get them in our shop HERE!


New For Your Valentine

A couple new products just for you and your sweetheart for Valentine's Day! Chalkboard Cards and little Wooden Arrows, perfect sweet little tokens for your love.


A New Year

Kinship Press Coffee Mug on Etsy

We haven't had much time to think about our 2012 resolutions and goals yet, once the Christmas rush was over we launched into making Valentine's Day products and gifts, started getting tax info together and made some loose plans on hundreds of sticky notes and in several notebooks. After experiencing our first Christmas rush and were WAY more successful than we could've planned for, one thing remained clear: we need to slow down. November and December were weeks of late nights, stress, not enough time with our little family, and not enough time to just sit and enjoy life.

To that end, we'll be doing a series of posts on slowing down. Not sure how many we will do, I suppose we will just write them until it seems like we have accomplished our goal.

We are super excited about the products we have planned for the year, and we plan to launch the first couple items this week in time for Valentine's Day orders, with a couple more quickly following.

Another goal we have is to blog more. We are painfully negligent of our little blog. So we hope to get into a groove where we are blogging regularly.

So here's to the beginning of a new year, a chance to revisit the last year and make this one even better.