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Launch Party Plans Underway

The launch of Urban Bird & Co.'s shop is coming soon! No date set yet, but the plans for the party are underway. I promise to keep you all updated as we move along.

Prints from CollageORama!

My lovely husband purchased these two prints for me from CollageORama on Etsy. I LOVE THEM. The Nest print was an obvious decision for my husband as I love all things bird, but the Dandy Cat was more of an arbitrary decision but immediately became one of my favorite handmade items he's ever given me (besides the things he has made himself). Check out that rockin' monocle and let me tell you, NO ONE can pull off the bowler hat like this here Dandy Cat.

These prints are printed on upcycled dictionary pages and I find it somehow appropriate the Dandy Cat is printed on the page for behavior therapy. And ironically, something so natural as a birds nest is printed on the page for biohazard.

Beginning Production!

Beginning some production today on some of Urban Bird & Co.'s products! I broke out my lovely aqua Singer circa 1960-something and am itching to get to work.

When I was six years old I had a tiny Singer sewing machine and it scared the life out of me to use it. Controlling the speed of the machine with a pedal didn't make any sense to me and it went too fast. So I stopped using my cute-as-a-button sewing machine and haven't touched one since, always preferring to hand-sew everything. All that is about to change. I am committed to overcoming this fear for the sake of efficiency. Wish me luck. Now....I just have to remember how to work the thing.
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