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Urban Bird & Co. is a design company that makes nostalgic whimsy for your handmade heart and home. Yes, we realize what a flaky description “nostalgic whimsy” is.

Created from a desire to have a handmade home for ourselves, we have crafted items to add nostalgia and love to your home. Everything we make has a basis in memories we have of our childhoods, or are derived from little tokens we have made for each other (Mike and I). Our favorite materials/processes are: screen printing, block printing, sewing, felt, wood and wood burning, and humor.

About Courtney:  I’m a designer who loves to move my furniture around all the time and am constantly driving Mike crazy with my newest idea of what we could make, remake, design, redesign, etc.

I love design, mid-century modern, decorating my home and moving furniture around constantly, handmade stuff, little love notes from my husband, cameras, birds, dogs, cooking, martinis, vintage, music, laughter, the city, coffee, my beautiful backyard in Spring and Fall, hanging out with my husband and son and sharing my home with friends.

Then Courtney met Mike thanks to a well-timed Flogging Molly concert in 2006….

About Mike: Mike is the engineering consultant for Urban Bird & Co. Being a professional engineer and having extensive experience in the art of “figuring crap out”, Mike is who I go to and say “I want to do this, this, this and this….how would that work?” and Mike comes back a bit later with drawings and diagrams and sets to work. It’s due to his innovative nature that I can screen print with my own specially-designed screens that make the stretching process easier and stronger. Oh, and he’s my adorable, genius husband. Yeah, I kinda like him.